the next big thing in art, is a cat!

Feline Trouble
Are you ready for Trouble? Because Colin Hurley and Heather Fairweather’s art show "Feline Trouble" is happening at the Firehouse Art Collective’s own Lottie Rose Gallery; 6117 San Pablo Avenue in Oakland on September 10th from 5pm to 10pm. The art show has to express the simplicity and complex nature of our favorite creature, the cat. We are on our third year! Not only contributing to the support of feline friends, but bringing awareness to the strength of women with the tag line "Female Boss!" There will be queens.

Rosebuds n' Harmony

This is a fusion art show of  many Firehouse locations at Lottie Rose Art Gallery this Saturday!

Art Show this Saturday at Totally Rad Gallery!

Beck+Col Stafford: Rainbow Face
August 6th - September 17th , 2016
Opening Reception August 6th 6PM-9PM
Live Performance 8:00 PM
Using otherworldly costume­based performance and video, Beck+Col create a fantastic alternate universe within the monster Rainbow Face’s mind, complete with a stylized boxing
ring. With each color representing a fracture of Rainbow Face, the colorful monsters physically express internal conflicts that suggest the internal pressures of systemic oppression vs. the Other. The Performance is an explosive, comical battle that mixes elements of boxing, wrestling and slapstick.
Los Angeles­based artists Beck+Col Stafford use humor and chaos to address social inequalities. Through costume­based performance and video, our work explores alternate universes populated with monsters. We operate in a space beyond the confines of bound identities, and expose hierarchical behaviors as absurdities. By removing human attributes, our
work moves away from hyper­individualism to post­anthropocentrism. We take power from dominant institutions and create a space for underrepresented voices to be heard.


Local visual artist Jon Shannon Rogers will have a solo show of recent non-objective paintings at the Lottie Rose Gallery in Oakland. The exhibition, titled ColorCraft, will feature 27 non-objective paintings made in 2016 and runs through August 6, 2016. Rogers sees the group of paintings as “an exploration of the potential for color to create dynamic pictorial space without reference to literal imagery.” Lottie Rose Gallery, located in North Oakland is one of several exhibition spaces under the umbrella of the Firehouse Art Collective, the Lottie Rose Gallery has hosted over twenty exhibitions in two years, both solo and group shows of visual art, music, and performance by guest curators and visiting artists, as well as members of the Firehouse Art Collective.

Christopher Nickel Art Show at Totally Rad Gallery

New Exhibition Opening July 2nd 
Stele: Solo Exhibition by 
Christopher Nickel
Opening Reception 6PM-9PM
Christopher Nickel’s solo exhibition, Stele, is an installation of photographic images depicting the demolition of local infrastructure.   The images are from floor to ceiling and throughout the gallery space, surrounding the viewer with the moment they step into the space. 
“We live in a time of unprecedented change, driven by constant technological advancement that is manifest in every aspect of our society. As we look towards a future of near limitless virtual exchange of information, our present world of physical structures accelerates towards the past.
Working primarily in photography, my art practice acts as a mechanism through which I search for the physical imprint of these unceasing revolutions and the residue of the stresses that result. In the process, I find myself sorting through the landscape of a past that is being steadily overwritten, a present that continues to consume, and a future that is uncertain. These ruined pillars serve as monument, or perhaps memorial, to an embodied future that is already obsolete." - Chistopher Nickel

Exhibition runs July 2nd - July 30th
Opening reception July 2nd 6PM-9PM

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