Independent Artist Showcase Music and Live Art Lottie Rose Art Gallery Coming soon!

Gummy Leotard and Other Easy Recipes

Opening Reception: October 8th from 6-9pm.

Totally Rad Gallery (1212 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland) is very excited to present “Gummy Leotard and Other Easy Recipes”. The Gallery will be set up like a movie theater and will feature a “movie reel” of video works by Amber Mueller and Marguerite Kalhor. These series of videos and soundtracks examine the lore and traditions of popular American culture. Installation, video and artwork for sale.

Amber Mueller is a painter and media artist. She employs found video, audio and recordings of television programming and creates collages that resemble portraits and narratives. Her work commonly contains themes of cultural identity and gender roles, often examining the beautiful as well as the disturbing elements that are woven into popular American culture. 

Marguerite Kalhor is a painter turned new media artist. Interested in contemporary practices in social media, she takes styles, concepts and processes from YouTube videos and applies them to her video practice. Her work is currently focused on social media possessing their own characteristics; the results of both human cultural constraints and the overall framework of the web platforms on which posts are placed.

website :
instagram : @insteigram
twitter : @lurgemurge

Art Of Elysium Dinner

Check out this video from Tom Franco's art show in LA with The Art of Elysium!

"Not Everything is Black + White" solo exhibition by Adam Enrique Rodriguez

"The human condition is shaped by conflicting ideas of what is negative and positive, right and wrong, good and evil. We all have many different opinions and perspectives but there is an intrinsic truth: life isn't fair and life isn't easy. Most times, not everything is black and white. These paintings are a reflection of the contrast between the emotional and the logical interpretation of the human condition and the personal impact art has on the individual."
Please join us for the the opening reception party on Oct. 1, 2016 from 6-9pm at Firehouse Art Co "Lottie Rose House". 6117 San Pablo Avenue Oakland, CA 94608. There will be music, champagne, and live body painting performance featuring the beautiful Morgen Love, Kisa Hues, and Efstratia Mantzouranis. 
 Special thanks Rey-Oliver Del Mundo for making it all possible!

the next big thing in art, is a cat!

Feline Trouble
Are you ready for Trouble? Because Colin Hurley and Heather Fairweather’s art show "Feline Trouble" is happening at the Firehouse Art Collective’s own Lottie Rose Gallery; 6117 San Pablo Avenue in Oakland on September 10th from 5pm to 10pm. The art show has to express the simplicity and complex nature of our favorite creature, the cat. We are on our third year! Not only contributing to the support of feline friends, but bringing awareness to the strength of women with the tag line "Female Boss!" There will be queens.